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Studio 1

Selected publications

Asplund, S., Johnsson, Å. A., Vikgren, J., Svalkvist, A., Boijsen, M., Fisichella, V., Flinck, A., Wiksell, Å., Ivarsson, J., Rystedt, H., Månsson, L-G., Kheddsche, S., & Båth, M. (2011). Learning aspects and potential pitfalls regarding detection of pulmonary nodules in chest tomosynthesis and suggested related quality criteria. Acta Radiologica. 52(5), 503–512.

Ivarsson, J. (2010). Developing the construction sight. Architectural education and technological change. Visual Communication, 9(2), 171–191.

Johnsson, Å. A., Vikgren, J., Svalkvist, A., Zachrisson, S., Flinck, A., Boijsen, M., Keddache, S., Månsson, L.G., & Båth, M. (2010). Overview of two years of clinical experience of chest tomosynthesis at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 139, 124–129.

Rystedt, H., Ivarsson, J., Asplund, S., Johansson, Å. A., & Båth, M. (2011). Rediscovering radiology: New technologies and remedial action at the worksite. Social Studies of Science, 41(6), 867–891.

Rystedt, H., Reit, C., Johansson, E., & Lindwall, O. (2013). Seeing through the dentist's eyes: Video-based clinical demonstrations in preclinical dental training. Journal of Dental Education, 77(13). pp. 1629-1638.

Sandblom, V., Mai, T., Almén, A., Rystedt, H., Cederblad, Å., Båth, M., & Lundh, C. (2013). Evaluation of the impact of a system for real-time visualisation of occupational radiation dose rate during fluoroscopically guided procedures. Journal of Radiological Protection, 33(3), 693–702. http://stacks.iop.org/0952-4746/33/693

Lindwall, O. (2014). The body in medical work and medical training: An introduction. Discourse Studies, 16(2), 125-129.

Lymer, G., Ivarsson, J., Rystedt, H., Johnsson Allansdotter, Å, Asplund, S., & Båth, M. (2014). Situated abstraction: From the particular to the general in second order diagnostic work. Discourse Studies, 16(2), 185-215. ISSN 1461-4456 [Nr. 197048]

Lindwall, O., Johansson, E., Ivarsson, J., Rystedt, H., Reit, C. (2014) The use of video in dental education: Clinical reality addressed as practical matters of production, interpretation and instruction. In M. Broth, E. Laurier & L. Mondada (Eds.) Studies of Video Practices: Video at Work. (pp. 161-180). London: Routledge.

Lindwall, O., & Lymer, G. (2014). Inquiries of the body: Novice questions and the instructable observability of endodontic scenes. Discourse Studies, 16(2), 271-294.

Mäkitalo, Å. & Reit, C. (2014). A technology shift and its challeges to professional conduct. Mediated vision in endodontics. In T. Fenwick & M. Nerland (Eds.) Reconceptualising professional learning. Sociomaterial knowledges, practices, and responsibilities. s. 99-111. London: Routledge. ISBN/ISSN: 978-0-415-81578-9 [Nr. 195989]

Selected conference presentations

Ivarsson, J., Rystedt, H., Lindwall, O., & Mäkitalo, Å. (2010, September). Arranging for visibility. Presented at the Conference for European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST). Trento, Italy.

Lindwall, O., Rystedt, H., & Johansson E. (2011). Questions and instructions in the teaching of endodontics. Presented at the IIEMCA conference, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Mäkitalo, Å. (2011). Invited presentation on "Professional education and learning in knowledge-intensive societies", Exploratory Workshop funded by the European Science Foundation, University of Oslo, Norway.

Mäkitalo, Å. & Rystedt, H. (2011). The University of Gothenburg LETStudio: Developing research and learning arrangements in the areas of radiology and odontology. Presented at an international conference funded by NordForsk on "New tools and practices for seeing and learning in medicine" University of Turku, Finland.

Rystedt, H. (2011). LETStudio – A strategic initiative for research in learning at University of Gothenburg. Presentation at the Vitalis Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Rystedt, H., & Reit, C. (2011, May). Visualization for practice-based instruction and assessment. Presented at GU Online, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Rystedt, H., Reit, C., Lymer, G., Johansson, E., Lindwall, O. (2011). Is it LearnAble if it is visible? Visualization in odontology and architecture. Presented at the Conference Changing Practices of Higher Education,
Gothenburg, Sweden.

S Asplund, Å A Johnsson, J Vikgren, A Svalkvist, M Boijsen, V Fisichella, A Flinck, Å Wiksell, J Ivarsson, H Rystedt, L G Månsson, S Kheddache and M Båth. Extended analysis of the effect of learning with feedback on the detectability of pulmonary nodules in chest tomosynthesis. Presented at SPIE Medical Imaging 2011, 12-17 February 2011, Orlando, Florida, USA.

J Ivarsson, H Rystedt, S Asplund, Å A Johnsson and M Båth. Arranging for better learning opportunities - The case of thoracic radiology. Presented at New tools and practices for seeing and learning in medicine, 22-23 October 2012, Turku, Finland.

Studio 2

Selected publications

Elam, M. and Hammer, M. (2018) ‘Patientfokuserad vård: Från paternalism till samproduktion?’, in Soneryd, L. and Sundqvist, G. (ed.) Vetenskapligt medborgarskap. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

Naldemirci, Ö. and Lydahl, D., Britten, N., Elam, M., Moore, L. and Wolf, A. (2018) ‘Tenacious Assumptions of Person-Centred Care? Exploring Tensions and Variations in Practice’, Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine 22(1): 54-71.

Moore, L., Britten, N., Lydahl, D., Naldemirci, Ö., Elam, M. and Wolf, A. (2017) ‘Barriers and Facilitators to the Implementation of Person-Centred Care in Different Healthcare Contexts’, Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences 31(4): 662-673.

Britten, N., Moore, L. Lydahl, D., Naldemirci, Ö, Elam, M. and Wolf, A. (2017) ‘Elaboration of the Gothenburg Model of Person-Centred Care’, Health Expectations 20(3): 407-418.

Wolf, A., Moore, L., Lydahl, D., Naldemirci, Ö., Elam, M. and Britten, N.
(2017) ‘The realities of partnership in person-centred care: A qualitative interview study with patients and professionals’, BMJ Open 2017-016491.

Naldemirci, Ö., Wolf, A., Elam, M., Lydahl, D., Moore, L. and Britten, N.
(2017) ‘Deliberate and Emergent Stategies for Implementing Person-Centred Care: A Qualitative Interview Study with Researchers, Professionals and Patients’, BMC Health Services Research 17: 527.

Bengtsson U, Kjellgren K, Hallberg I, Lindwall M, Taft C. (2015) Improved Blood Pressure Control Using an Interactive Mobile Phone Support System. J Clin Hypertens 12 oct | DOI: 10.1111/jch.12682

Hallberg I, Ranerup A, Kjellgren K. (2015) Supporting the self-management of hypertension: Patients’ experiences of using a mobile phone-based system. J Hum Hypertens, April 23 | doi:10.1038/jhh.2015.37

Ranerup, A. & Hallberg, I. (2015). Actors and intentions in the development process of a mobile phone platform for self-management of hypertension. Informatics for Health and Social Care, 40(4), 299-318.

Bengtsson, U., Kasperowski, D., Ring, L & Kjellgren, K. (2014) Developing an interactive mobile phone self-report system for self-management of hypertension. Part 1: Patient and professional perspectives. Blood Pressure, (23) 5, 288-295.

Bengtsson, U., Kjellgren, K., Höfer, S., Taft, C. & Ring, L. (2014). Developing an interactive mobile phone self-report system for self-management of hypertension. Part 2: Content validity and usability. Blood Pressure, 23(5), 296-306.

Hallberg., I, Bengtsson, U., Hoffman, M., Höfer, S., Kasperowski, D., Mäkitalo, Å., Lundin, M., Ranerup, A., Ring, L., Rosenqvist, U., Taft, C. & Kjellgren, K. (2014). Phases in the development of a mobile phone-based system to support self-management of hypertension. Integrated blood pressure control, 7, 19-28.

Johan Kärnfelt, "Follow the Information: Comets, Communicative Practices and Swedish Amateur Astronomers in the Twentieth Century", Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage, vol. 18:2, 161-176, 2015

Selected conference presentations 

Holmberg, G., Kärnfelt, J., (2010) Den svenska amatörastronomins historia: Kunskapsbildning, kunskapsflöden och informationsteknologier. [The history of Swedish amateur astronomy: knowledge in transit 
and information technologies]. Teknik och vetenskapshistoriska dagarna, 10‒12 november, Göteborg.

Kasperowski, D., (2012) Crowdsourcing in Scientific Practice: Hosts and Parasites. Biennial Conference of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) and 4S, 
October 17-20, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Kjellgren, K., (2011) The State of Science of Patient Education and Learning - a multi professional conference for researchers and practitioners. Organization Committee Conference, Gothenburg Centre for Person-Centred Care (GPCC), Sahlgrenska academy.

Kjellgren, K., (2011) GPCC - Autonomy in Medication with a Mobile Self-Report System. Presentation at the Vitalis Conference, April 5–7, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Kjellgren, K., (2010) Mobile Phone for Increased Participation in Healthcare. The Annual General Meeting of the Swedish Society of Medicine, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Kullenberg, C., (2012) Does Internet Freedom Have a Price? Examples from the Arab Spring. III. International Conference on Human Rights Education. 6-10 December, Krakov, Poland.

Kärnfelt, J., (2012) Knut Lundmark, Meteors and an early Swedish Crowdsourcing Experiment. Science and Technology in the European Periphery, 8th meeting. Corfu, Greece, 21-24 June.

Mäkitalo, Å., Nilsen, M., (2012) Co-production in the Context of Person Centred Care. On Professional Transformation in Current Health Care Reform. 
Symposia presentation at the EARLI SIG14 Conference on Learning and Professional Development, August 22-24, Antwerp, Belgium. 

Nilsen, M., Mäkitalo, Å., (2012) 
Participatory research and the Transformation of 'the Professional' and the 'Patient' in current Healthcare Reform. 
 Symposia presentation at ProPEL International Conference, May 9-11 at the University of Stirling.

Ranerup A., Hallberg, I., Bengtsson, U., Kjellgren, K., (2012) Mastery and Autonomy in Medication with a Mobile Self-Report System: A project in action. Design for Health and Safety
. The 7th International Conference on Persuasive Technology 
June 6-8, Linköping University, Sweden. 

Studio 3

Selected publications

Fauville, G., Lantz-Andersson, A., & Säljö, R. (2013). ICT tools in environmental education – reviewing two newcomers to schools. Environmental Education Research. doi:10.1080/13504622.2013.775220

Fauville, G., Säljö, R., and Dupont, S. (2012). Impact of ocean acidification on marine ecosystems: educational challenges and innovations. Marine Biology. DOI 10.1007/s00227-012-1943-4

Lantz-Andersson, A., & Linderoth, J. (2011). The 'voice' of absent designers - Students' strategies when solving mathematical problems using educational software. Nordic Journal of Digital literacy, 6(1-2), 52-74.

Säljö, R. (in press). Literacy, digital literacy and epistemic practices: The co-evolution of hybrid minds and external memory systems. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy.

Säljö, R. (Red.). (2011). Lärande och minnande i social praktik. [Learning and remembering as social practice]. Stockholms: Norstedts.

Selected conference presentations

Bowen, R., & Vigmo, S. (2010). Teaching in English in higher education: In-house course development. Paper presentation, EUROCALL conference, Bordeaux, France.

Bowen, R., & Vigmo, S. (2010). Teaching in English with a dual focus. Paper presentation, NU2011 conference, Stockholm, Sweden.

Hillman, T., Jungselius, B., & Weilenmann, A. (2013). "In just three hours I got like 22 likes on a pancake picture": Dealing with temporality in social media use and research. Extended Abstracts, SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems, Paris: ACM Press.

Hillman, T., Weilenmann, A., Jungselius, B.(2012) Creating live experiences with stuffed animals: the use of mobile technologies in musems , Proceedings of the Transformative Museums, DREAM conference 2012 Roskilde.

Lantz-Andersson, A., Vigmo, S., & Bowen, R. (2012) Students' Framing of Language Learning Practices in Social Networking Site. paper presentation at EUROCALL, 22-25 augusti, 2012. http://www.eurocall2012.eu

Petersson, E., Lantz-Andersson, A., & Säljö, R. (2011). Knowing nature through experimentation: Science literacy and the situatedness of knowing. Paper presentation, Invited SIG, EARLI Conference, Exeter, UK.

Weilenmann, A., & Hillman, T. (2012). Using mobile technology to share learning experiences in museums. Paper presented at the Next Generation Learning conference, Falun, Sweden.

Weilenmann, A., Hillman, T. & Jungselius, B. (2013). Instagram at the museum: Communicating the museum experience through social photo sharing. Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems, Paris: ACM Press.

Weilenmann, A., & Säljö, R. (2011). Mobile Video Literacy as an Evolving Practice in an Informal Learning Environment. Workshop paper presented at the 29th International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Vancouver, Canada.

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